Ford Electric Mustang SUV

Ford plans to release an electric “Mustang” SUV soon

An electric SUV from Ford. Inspired by the famous Mustang. Boasting a range of more than 600 kilometers. Get ready to saddle up.

According to Ford engineers, a fully electric Mustang SUV, inspired by the legendary car of the same name, is currently in the planning phase and is expected to offer an impressive 600-kilometer range.

Ford is hoping to pre-empt Tesla in the release of a fully electric sport utility vehicle. So this electric concept SUV could be finalized as early as next year and ready to hit the roads sometime in 2020.

With the promise of more than fifteen all-electric products, Ford is dead-set on becoming a leader in the field between now and 2022.


The Mustang SUV Concept: sheer performance

While the electrification of all of their utility vehicles has created a lot of buzz around the Ford brand, the performance of their cars has never been called into question. To paraphrase the famous words of Henry Ford, himself, the fully electric Mustang SUV with a range in excess of 600 kilometers “is going to go like hell!”

There’s little need to point out that an EV with a 600-kilometer range hasn’t existed to date; however, the fact remains that Ford has always come through on its promises. So it’s a safe bet that this will be the case with the electric SUV inspired by the seductive lines of the Mustang.


Driving for hours with the Mustang Electric SUV

With an electricity-driven sport utility vehicle capable of linking two destinations 600 kilometers apart, Ford is evolving far more quickly than the competition. Once again, the brand is a trailblazer.

Mustangs paved the way for Muscle Cars. This time, they’ll do the same for electric SUVs, as the electric Mustang gets ready to rear up and strike fear into the hearts of competitors.