Ford Electric Vehicles

Electric vs. Hybrid vs. Plug-in

Whether you drive a little or a lot each day, there’s an EV that’s right for you.

All Electric

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) are powered completely by a rechargeable battery so you’ll never need a drop of gas or an oil change. All you have to do is plug in, recharge, and go.

Hybrid Electric

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) use battery and gas to optimize fuel efficiency and performance. They don’t need to be plugged in as regenerative braking and the gas engine recharge the battery pack.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are also powered by both battery and gas, using the battery first and switching to gas once the battery is depleted, giving you the best of both worlds.


Receive rebates for eligible EV purchases through Quebec’s Drive Electric Purchase or Lease Rebate Program.



Receive rebates of up to $2500 for the purchase or lease of battery electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles through the federal government iZEV Program.


Scaling up Electrification

Building on nearly 20 years of experience in electrification, Ford is evolving into an automotive and a mobility company, focused on smart vehicles to help create a better future for the way we move.

Enjoy a uniquely electrified driving experience.

2022 Ford Escape

2022 Escape

City: 8.5 L/100 km
Highway: 6.8 L/100 km

Starting at


Save up to $1,500

More details

2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2022 Mustang Mach-E

Starting at


Save up to $12,000

More details

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