The 2023 Ford Ranger: an all-new generation

2023 Ford Ranger


Pinard Ford is looking forward to giving an enthusiastic welcome to the new generation of the Ford Ranger in 2023. This truck, master of the off-road universe, is currently undergoing tests under the extreme conditions of the Australian outback and will subsequently go on sale in the country in 2022 before landing in the North American market in 2023. The Ranger will be ready to confront whatever road and weather conditions Quebec may hold in store for it in 2023, whether rocky terrain, steep, craggy slopes or extreme heat and cold.

Multiple tests to ensure perfection

The test period for the Ford Ranger is no walk in the park: crossing a desert under the blazing sun, traversing thousands of kilometers under extreme off-road conditions, with or without cargo, with or without towing a load, etc. Test models have traveled more than a million kilometers in order to allow Ford engineers to evaluate the durability of this new generation over time. In this way, Ford is able to improve the rigidity of the chassis, the strength of the platform and the porosity of the body, while addressing any weaknesses that may come to light.

The 2023 Ford Ranger: completely redesigned

The new Ford Ranger will be built on the same platform as the Ford Bronco. The style of the grille will be a fusion of the ones featured on the 2022 Maverick and the 2021 F-150: C-shaped headlights, two horizontal bars on each side of the grille, an aggressive-looking hood and new rims will be the delight of both the driver of the Ford Ranger and all the other drivers who cross paths with it on the road.

The release of the new Ford Ranger in 2023 may coincide with the arrival of the highly anticipated Ford Ranger Raptor. What’s more, Ford is promising hybrid or electric versions in the years to come.

The Ford Ranger will set foot on Canadian soil in 2023 as a 2024 model. Would you like to learn more? Then don’t hesitate to give the sales team at Pinard Ford a call. If you can’t wait until 2023 to get behind the wheel of a Ford Ranger, you can order the 2021 model today!

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